Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hamilton School at Wheeler

A place like this would be a dream here in my state. The kids in this video are absolutely inspiring.


  1. I emailed the special needs group yesterday about some issues I'm having here with my kids (not dylexia type stuff, but socialization things) and i was told about this brain balance thing that was supposed to improve focus. I sometimes think that is a gimick, but wondering if you heard about that. We have some schools here in MN for special needs, but they are so far away. Lions Gate is one of them although I think they only go up to 8th grade.

  2. i have not heard about that, unless it is what they call Brain Therapy. Brain Therapy is not effective in dyslexics, but may be in other LD's. Wish i knew more about that :)

    We have Groves Academy here as well, in SLP, but it is $25k/yr. I don't know how much this one costs. That is one thing that really irritates me, that the place the student COULD go to is out of reach because of cost. It isn't right.

    What i thought was great was hearing these kids talk about their struggles. The more people hear the KIDS saying it, the better we are able to understand and be compassionate.

  3. Congratulations Jeanette!!! You're blog is Blog of the Quarter over on Blog Mommas!!! Woo-Hoo!!! :):)